Tuesday, January 25, 2005

russian Genocide Over Chechen people

Bismillahir Rahmanır Rahim.

Quran 8:18. Spoils of War (Surah Al Anfal)
"That, and also because Allah is He Who makes feeble the plans and stratagem of the Unbelievers."

First i want to thank everbody who gave me this opportunity for me to publish the facts about russian genocide over Chechen people. I thought a lot about showing these unbelievable photographs to you. But i decided the showing of these photographs is not a fault but doing the things in these photographs is REALLY the fault. If we do not show things like that to you then russians will make these things more freely. MAYBE we can wake up their conscience if there is any.

I prepared two websites for Chechen tragedy. This is my second one and i put here only the photos (along with the russian soldiers interviews) i censored from my first site. In my first site you can find very valuable links - some photographs and the article about chechen tragedy. (links including the international human rights and holocaust organizations about Chechnya) Please visit my first site :

In fact my first site was this one, but blogspot closed it. Thank you.

I want to give another link if you want to read chechnya's tragedy from a first hand. In that website there is a (in a dangereous place) section in the left. Click it and you will see these two articles (Chechnya, 1995: Front Row Seats / Leaving the Terrible). Please especially read them to understand real situation in Chechnya. They are very striking. I can confirm these articles are true because i read a lot about Chechens. These are common stories. Please visit:

I want to give another link if you want more information about Chechen tragedy. You can find most up to date news there. Thats why russians are closing or trying to close this site very frequently. Its in English - Turkish and russian. Please visit:

These links i gave you above will provide you the quick understanding of real situation in Chechnya now. Thank you for your efforts.

Sorry for all the pain i gave you here. Keep in mind that Chechen people witness these every day.


Quotes of Russian soldiers in Chechnya
"I remember a Chechen female sniper. We just tore her apart with two armored personnel carriers, having tied her ankles with steel cables. There was a lot of blood, but the boys needed it." - russian soldier

"Without atrocities, we'll get nowhere in Chechnya. We have to be cruel to them. Otherwise, we'll achieve nothing." - 21-year-old russian soldier

"You don't make it obvious, and they don't look too hard. Everyone understands that's the way it works." - 21-year-old russian soldier is being confident that authorities will make no serious effort to investigate war zone misconduct.

"What kind of human rights can there be in wartime? It's fine to violate human rights within certain limits." - 31-year-old russian police commando

"The easiest way is to heat your bayonet over charcoal, and when it's red-hot, to put it on their (Chechen) bodies, or stab them slowly. You need to make sure they feel as much pain as possible. The main thing is to have them (Chechens) die slowly. You don't want them to die fast, because a fast death is an easy death. They should get the full treatment. They should get what they deserve. On one hand it looks like an atrocity, but on the other hand, it's easy to get used to. I killed about nine people this way. I remember all of them." - Andrei, russian soldier russian army officer

"Cutting ears may seem savage to some, but it has its explanations," said one commander. "It's an old tradition among the special forces--you cut off the ears of the enemy in order to later lay them on the tombstone of your friend who was killed in the war. . . . It's not a manifestation of barbarism. It's just our way of telling our deceased mate: Rest in peace. You have been avenged." - 33-year-old russian army officer

"I would kill all the (Chechen) men I met during mopping-up operations. I didn't feel sorry for them one bit." - Boris, russian soldier

"We would also throw fighters off the helicopters before landing. The trick was to pick the right altitude. We didn't want them to die right away. We wanted them to suffer before they died. Maybe it's cruel, but in a war, that's almost the only way to dull the fear and sorrow of losing your friends." - Boris, russian soldier

"Our hatred is against all Chechens, not just the individual enemies who killed your friends." - 23-year-old russian army officer

"It's much easier to kill them all (Chechens). It takes less time for them to die than to grow." - Valery, russian personnel officer

"So there will be one Chechen less on the planet, so what? Who will cry for him?" - Gennady, 24-year-old russian paratrooper

"I hated them when I fought in Chechnya, and I hate them now. I can't even watch TV when it shows Chechens--I feel all my muscles start to ache and I want to smash something." - Gennady, 24-year-old russian paratrooper

"Our commander told us all the time, 'There's no such thing as a Chechen civilian.' " - russian conscript

"It's easy for a person to get away with almost everything. You take this wretched Chechen down into a basement or a cellar under the guise of checking his documents in a quiet place. And then you just knock him off the way you want. There are no eyewitnesses, and no one will say anything." - Denis, russian major with the elite police forces

"Neither I nor the president has ever said there are no violations of human rights in Chechnya." - Vladimir A. Kalamanov, President Putin's special representative for human rights in Chechnya

"There are not enough psychologists in all of Russia to treat those who are returning." - 40-year-old russian police officer about new generation of troubled Russian soldiers with deep psychological problems, many of whom are violent.

These situations are not very far away from us. We may be the next victim. As long as we have goverments like russia and america have today. Russia was doing this silently - now america began to do this. I am asking from every responsible person in every country - do not allow these kind of people (governing you) to drag you to any kind of war. A bunch of individuals can not decide on our destiny. Killing is not humain. This dirt does not suit us.

Be Ashamed Until You Have Won at Least Some Victory for Humanity.
- Horace Mann, address at Antioch College (circa. 1880's)

Thank you for listening a voice for humanity.


The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.
- Lois McMaster Bujold

Can you hear my scream?

Because of the five years long second conflict with russia, Chechnya experiences a large scale humanitarian disaster: at least 15% of its population has been exterminated. Torture, rape, extra-judicial killings, russian death squads terrorizing the population are an every day reality, and now refugees are also forced back to the war zones by russians.

Chechens are suffering disappearances at the Russian night raids, tortures and hunt on the male population beginning from 12 years old, as well as assault and rape of women and girls.

The most vulnerable, saying it mildly, folk in the Caucasus that is under threat of extinction is Chechens. The genocidal war in Chechnya is continuing, taking more and more perverted and terribly twisted form. But the politicians in the world put up a mask of ignorance and surprise at the word "genocidal". They play games or trade with Russia at the expense of the Chechen people.

Every 15 minutes a Chechen disappears. It means that he abducted by Russian Forces, taken to "unknown direction" to be tortured or held in order to be released for ransom from his relatives, or secretly killed and buried in a concealed mass grave. Almost a quarter of one million of Chechens have been killed or tortured to death in concentration ("filtration") camps.

Russian lies and cynics continues: terror in Chechnya is not at all diminished. Meaning "We still could not kill all Chechens - give us more time to kill them all".

The war leaves only two possible ways out to the Chechen people: a hopeless, deadly resistance to "russian death squadrons" acting under the cover of Russian force structures beyond all legal and human laws, - or a slow death in the totally isolated "ghetto," starvation, privations, total injustice and endless humiliations. The war turns all surviving Chechens, even those who used to be loyal, into Russia's eternal enemies.

The war impedes the development of the Russian economy, contributes to the widening gap between a handful of super nouveaux riches who made their bloody business on this war and the majority of the population of Russia which hardly survives on the edge between poverty and destitution.

The war turns Chechnya into "a free criminal zone," the different criminal elements from russian organized crime, use it. This zone causes metastasis all around Russia, feeding the crime, "justifying" antidemocratic measures, spreading xenophobia, fear, hatred and desperation in the society - the moods on which fascist regimes appear.

Now Russia is consistently getting rid of mass media honestly reporting the unpleasant truth; democratic politicians are being eliminated, including by open and secret killings.

The war pushed Russia towards establishing a repressive regime, more and more resembling the Stalin regime. Objective circumstances, and first of all, the war against the Chechen people, will drive to further development, even if Russia's leaders, having realized into what abyss they are throwing down the country.

I must say something to the decent russian citizens. Sorry i used harsh sentences about russians. I know very decent russians who live here. They are good people. But we must not forget one thing. The crimes and massacres in Chechnya are not being committed by aliens from outer space. They are yours sons who are committing these crimes.

Please try to stop these.





I read some russian's comments here and one more time i found the need of giving facts about Moscow building bombing in 1999 and Beslan massacre.

First lets take a look at what a respected British newspaper researched and found about moscow building bombing in 1999. Please read the article and one more time see what russian's really are and who is governing them.

Now lets take a look at the unheard facts about Beslan massacre. And these facts researched and found by a prime, a respected russian news agency. At last some human Russians published the facts about Beslan. Especially i am very grateful to them. Because i know, by doing this they are endangering their lives. Please read this article and see who really - and how - killed these poor children. After you read this article you will need to congragulate russian army one more time?!?!

Well, one more time you learnt the people who are governing russians and who are military forces of russians. In this stage i am remembering one saying, "Nations can only be govern by the people they deserve." These are the people who is governing russians and these are what russians.

My dear, respected visitors, please check my first website and links in my first website in order to learn more about russian lies and not to be fooled.

As for you, russians. Any more lies to add? These are cheap games. Who is fooling who? Everybody can make researches in internet by writing some key words in google about russian invasian in Chechnya, russian genocide in Chechnya, and russian criminal mind. And when you make this research you will see a lot govermental and humanitarian organizations revealed the genocide which has been being made by Russians in Chechnya. Even U.S goverment sites are giving everybody the facts about your genocide. Everywhere is full of you filth you cant hide it anymore, who are you fooling? russia invaded a free state, chechnya. A state which is founded after soviet union, USSR collapsed. For ten years you are making a genocide in this state. And even, you murdered all of the elected presidents of this state. Who are you fooling?

Lies have their own lives. They will die when the truth came. I will be here for you.

Allahu Akbar!


Anonymous Alia said...

Thankyou for making this site about wat the Russians are doing to the Chechen people. After seeing these pictures, everyone should be able to see how it is the Russians commiting terrorist act, not Chechens.
Thanku again for ur work

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u dersereve all that i saw and much much more

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Spirit of 1939 said...

Russians are scum of the earth. I'm from Finland and my nation knows truth of russians. They still occupy also our areas, like many other areas too. I hope that someday ruskies will pay for their crimes.

Free Karelia! Free Ingria! Free Vepsia! Free Chechnya! Freedom for all others too who suffers under KOG (Kremiln occupation government)!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous SPETZ-NAS AKBAR said...

What happened with all the pictures and video footage of Chechen ( COCK SUCKERS ) islamic pigs cutting off heads of POWs ???
Or better yet, shooting off fingers from civilian ethnic Russians Chechens would take prisoner and buy and sell as slaves ?
What happened with pictures of beheadings that are video taped and then sent to other Muslim jerkoffs in Saudi Arabia for money as show of JOB IS DONE ON INFIDELS ???
What happened to all that ???
What happened to the truth ???

Sure, there is a lot of carnage in these photos, but 99% of these pictures and these victims are victims of Chechens them selves
Russians don’t kill people just for nothing, Russians eliminate Chechen fighters, ….chechens are fuckin animals, ….
Animals only understand force.
Because they aren’t domesticated animals but wild animals…..LIKE WOLFS.
Anyway, this web site is a big lie……just like the rest of muslims.


Can someone get back to me on that.

PS……………..i hate Chechnya.
I wish Russia would snap the fuck out of it and level the whole mathafuckin place.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Jerry said...

Very mature comments by the idiot.
Russia's war crimes in Chechnya have been well-exposed on this website, and kudos to the author for doing so.

I guess now the world has finally woken up to what a bunch of Godless filth Russians really are, at least we no longer have to listen to the same Russian excuses like when they raped and occupied Eastern Europe.

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Spirit of 1939
I'm from Estonia and I'd say that you, finnish people, are the real scum of the world. You know what I mean, dear neighbour.

to all.
Read what SPETZ-NAS AKBAR wrote one more time. He may seem a bit nervous :) but there's the truth in his words.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bohoho... how long u could have so idiot_ideas? in such global conflicts there couldn't be who are "right_and_glorius_nation" and "bad_nation". There were many times, when chechen murders killed rus_soldiers and wear their uniform, After that killed some chechen people.
There are also many chechen and russian and other nation people who wants Peace...
but there are money and some people who want to take this.... ou... ya..

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Juliana said...

Meu filho, você come merda?
Não, porque SÓ PODE, porque eu não te fiz NADA, e você achou que podia ir no meu scrapbook me xingar.

Acho que você é um bebezão de 19 anos, que deve ter tido uma infância imunda, vendo sua mãe dando a bunda e enchendo a cara, enquanto seu pai comia suas irmãs e depois espancava vc :) vc é um merda, vc e sua arminha de plástico =D hoho me meteu medo vc, heim :)~

Tomara que um dia te aconteça uma porra tão ruim, mas TÃO ruim, que você sinta vontade de dar o cu pro Bin Laden, só por ter, um dia, desejado ser tão merda que nem ele (e que nem as exímias figuras presentes no seu álbum).


10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

russians are same as srbs they are same religion that is why they hate muslims so much im from bosnia and same genocide hapend in my contry I grow up with srbs and went to school we wore good friends and one day they just started to hate as just because they president sad so they commited genocide in my contry from 1992-1995 kiling over 200 000 civilians mostly just in one day they killed 8000 inocent people of srebrenica as you know bosnia and hercegovina is in heart of europe and still europians did not do anything to stop the bigest genocide in europe after world warII why ?? why nobady care about checenija why why when we start to protect ourselfs are called terorist all over the world and when they kill in thausands of muslim kids are called heros the answer is simple because we are muslims and they are cristians world do not want to believe that cristians are bad only muslims are bad when muslims bomb school in russia everybody in the world have seen that but they dont ask why world does not want to know about 10 years of russian warcriminals murdering raping of everything in checenija that is muslim opening kocentration camps for civilians constant killings and torture what wuld you do if some body rape your 11 years old daugter in front of your eyes or killes your intire family ask your selfs that before you call some body a terorist all best to chechen freedom fighters from mustafa bosnia ....

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello, my family was living in russia and lost a lot of beloved relatives in the concentration camps under stalins bloody rule.
The reason: we were Germans. even if we loved russia and showed our loyalety to them, they killed us to millions. This is over 50 years ago. No we are in germany again and what we have learned was that russians themselves are nice people but their attitude to brutality in government grows and grows.

I thought this web site confirmed everything i heard about the situation in chechnya. Of course there are some people like this Spetz-nas akabar who are probably russian and defending the countrys moral, not knowing what it means to see this with the own eyes and not just on pictures. He also thinks of the brutality happening to his own people, forgetting that his hate is going on killing the NON SOLDIERS! He has reason to hate them. But the the situation is not getting better that way.

Again i think this web site opens eyes and it should be spread out!
think of the possebilitys of the internet. we have these big useless web sites like: myspace.com, facebook.com....



9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


First I would like to thank the person who created this website and made it possible for the public to see what is happening to our people (brothers and sisters) in Chechnya. May Allah award you for spreading the truth.

For my brothers and sisters in Chechnya, may Allah swt bring peace to your nation and all the criminals be brought to justice. May He swt give Rahma to all the muslims that died in Chechnya AMIN.

3:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those interested in the subject of Chechnya I recomend this book http://www.theoathbook.com/home.php
it is as far as I know the only book written in English about Chechnya by the Chechen author Dr Khassan Baiev. The book is fenomenal read.
And as far as these atrocities we see in the photos, unfortunatelly Russians does not reckognize where this kind of actions are taking them. They are the biggest losers. Chechens on the other hand already proved to be the unmatched heroic nation, example for many other nations who are seeking freedom. And even Russsians know this.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous cemil said...

selamunaleykum .bazı sayfalar ıngılızce ve okuyamıyotum türkçesi varsa çok sevınırım.SaygıLar

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Asalamu Alaman itaba'a al Huda,

first, thanx brother for this brilliant site of yours to show us little examples of the russian manners

second, for the bosnian brother. May Allah bless u too brother and all our dear brothers/sisters in Bosnia and chechnya. I know those serbs scum are just like those russian scum. May Allah damn them and burn them in this life as well as in the after life. they're ready to kill their own children to justify the crimes they're commiting in the sake of our dear brothers bosnian/chechen.

No punishment in this world could ever be an equal to their crimes. that's why I know that the only one who is willing to punish them as they deserve is ALlah and Allah only.

rape camps, killing kids, killing elderly, torturing, innocents.
what bitches russians/serbs.

Fuck the UN, human rights, and the NATO! they see all that and yet they decide to keep their fucking mouth shut. but look at them when the Muslims re-act to this shit. i say FUCK THEM! they gonna label us "terrorist" just cuz we're believers unlike them they worship the wealth and the sex. cheap bithces. I can say if a "terrorism" was a religion or some kind of people just like secularism or homosexuals. they would have stood with it fighting for the rights to be a "terrorist" FUCK THEM. but since Muslims "a.k.a:terrorists" aren't interested in adultry, homosexuality, disbelife, gambling, etc.- which those corrupt people are interested in- they gonna label us with words like "terrorists".

Goddamn them, people don't look at the history so they make it happens again. those bastards crimianls wither they're russian, serbs, americans, etc had/have a very damn LOOOOOOOOONG history in violance, racism, disbelief, corruption and oppression.
and now cuz they have the media "thanks to the money they stole from the poor lands" they gonna show us as what they really are so they feel good about themselves. fuck them phsyco, they want to show thier people that it's okay to be bastards. by making other nations re-actions look as brutal as possible even if the lives of their own people was the price.

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was researching the ethnic conflict in Chechneya and i was schocked about what i read how th russian soldiers could be so thoughtless and mean how they could have no remorse for what they did.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for those who feel with us and may Allah forgive for those who are against us.
We don't need anything more than freedom more than that we want Allah be satisfied on us so we fight for Islam and freedom as we were told in Qoran and Sharia.

For those who want to see some videos please visit:


I uploaded some videos newly about the war fact in Chechnya.

Thanks again.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thnks for making this site...let the world see how philty the russians are. Like the russian soldiers say "kill them SLOWLY etc" they even kill innicant woman and children these bastards.
these are animals of the worst kind and i hate them so much for these acts...death to all the russian soldiers..

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allah Akhbur

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is funny how russians always use the muslims terror card and what is realy hurt that alot of fools will believe it i'm a chechen girl and i had enough of russia they are criminals they just wanna kill us they call us animals and they believe that chechens shouldn't exist,in 1993 russia killed 10%of the population in chechnya ,in 1996 they killed 15% of the population they are 165 milions against only 1 milion tell me is that fair?

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we stand right next to Chechen people & we will keep on supporting their cause of freedom through thick & thin.Russian gov. wants to play the wild card of Terrorist to justify it actions in their own eyes,(as is done by NATO in Afghanistan & Pakistan & U.S.A in Iraq or INDIA in KASHMIR),it will not help in any how to bring peace to Russia (nor the rest of the world)they need to treat the cause of the Terrorist being built of an innocent PEACE LOVING person & not when he becomes a Terrorist.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what kind heart of u..................................................

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Discrimination of Mari ethnic minority in Perm krai (Russia)

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have a question for the webmaster/admin here at russian-genocide-over-chechen-people.blogspot.com.

May I use part of the information from your blog post right above if I give a backlink back to your site?


11:32 PM  
Blogger kavkaz said...

Ofcourse, you can use this website in anyway you want. Accounts which i used for the pictures are closed now because of this you are not able to see the pictures here but i will try to find another place to use these pictures again. Thank you for your interest.

2:28 AM  

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